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Payday Loan Call Center Solutions

Payday Loan Call Center Solutions provides complete call center support to those in the internet payday loan industry.

With 16 years in the payday loan industry behind us, we know the needs of payday lenders. We know who the "players" are in the call center outsourcing space; experts with specific payday loan, car title and installment lending. Companies dedicated to the success of their clients portfolio's from the moment the loan comes in, through the funding process, and when the loan is returned. What sets them apart from the rest? A complete solution from underwriting assistance to marketing, and in house collections services.

There are 2 keys to the cash advance - payday loan industry: Marketing Dollars and Collections.

Our call center recommendations know that every marketing dollar you spend matters! They can handle your marketing to your clients on your behalf with custom marketing packages. They also provide debit card marketing incentives to your customer base; particularly good for cash advance internet companies.

Instead of writing off or sending your collections to an outside agency, they can get your customer back on track while generating additional renewal fees for your portfolio. They support outside collection agencies as well as cutting age collection tools.

Our call center outsourcing recommendations don't just "push the button." In addition to telephoning your cash advance customer, they will contact your customer's bank and their employer; conversions and pull rate are amongst the highest in the industry. they offer complete reporting and support various software providers, ACH, and collections with 100% dedicated support.

  • Experienced Staff
  • Open Extended Hours
  • Marketing Programs
  • Debit Card Solutions
  • In-house Collections
  • Negative Check Reporting Services

A fresh approach to the industry with measured results.

For more information, provide us with your contact information. If a question is not applicable type in "N/A".

Request for More Info: Call Center Solutions

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Las Vegas, NV. 89104
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